May 11, 2010

Our Sustenance is from Allah and only Allah

Do not seek sustenance from people. Allah is the real Provider. If He wills a certain person to be the means of your livelihood, do not consider that person to be in control of your destiny. Have faith and be certain in the knowledge that your daily bread does not depend upon any mortal, but upon Allah who created all.

--Al-Hujwiri (RA)

Life Blossoms...

Sometimes in order to help He makes us cry.
Happy the eye that sheds tears for His sake.
Fortunate the heart that burns for His sake.
Laughter always follows tears.
Blessed are those who understand.
Life blossoms wherever water flows.
Where tears are shed divine mercy is shown.

-Moulana Rumi (RA)
Selections Poems from: Khayam, Rumi, Hafez, Moulana Shah Maghsoud

Three qualities of Allah's Friend

The sign of the friend of Allah is that he has three qualities: a generosity like that of the ocean, a compassion like that of the sun, and a humility like that of the earth.

- Bayazid Bistami (RA)

Note: Some books attribute this quote to Shaikh Khwaja Moinudeen Chishti (RA) of Ajmer

Don't listen to your ego

Listen to your heart and not your ego. Your ego prompts you to boast of vain assertions to obtain the glory of this world. Turn away from vanity and seek Him in the recesses of your heart and soul.

- Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RA)

Proof of Imperfectness

"If anyone claims of perfectness (in the religion), that's the greatest evidence of his imperfectness"
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