January 13, 2013

Silk Route Festival Gilgit – Baltistan

Silk Route festival is one such festival, which provides opportunity to locals and tourists to take a look at the cultural festivities of this region. Which is normally held in month of September in the whole region of Gilgit – Baltistan (Hunza, Gilgit & Skardu). Artisans, Folk dancers and musicians from various parts of Northern areas display their work in decorative pavilions. Other highlights of the festivals include food festivals, polo matches and camping.

Snowy Track of Chaman Quetta

Looks Like a Fairytale Land Snowy Track near Chaman, Quetta

Kundal Shahi Neelum Valley 

Neelum Valley is the largest district of Azad Kashmir by area. It is a valley extending approximately 200 kilometers along the Neelum River. Notable locations in the district include: Nausery, Leswa, Barian, Jura, Kundal Shai, Jagran, Salkhala, Shahkot, Athmuqam, Kairan, Sharda, Kail, Taubat, and Halmat.