June 18, 2009

“Where are you?”

I have not been the same this past month.

I haven’t been eating a lot, in fact, I only eat in the morning and not because I’m hungry, but because I needed energy.

I’m always online just in case “someone” had sent me a message.

Sometimes, I find myself staring blankly in my bedroom wall, and I find it very weird of me to do such thing, I’m a thinker and a worrier but I never stared blankly at a wall before.

I’ve been also singing and listening to songs that I haven’t listened to in the past 10 years and those are the songs that I have long deleted because I needed more room for happy love songs

Nah…but I feel like a total crap. I feel kinda depressed.

I never really thought that I’d miss someone this bad

I’m still confused.

“Where are you?”

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