October 16, 2009

Oh poor boy

Never sing for my supper I never help my neighbour Never do what is proper For my share of labour. I'm a poor boy And I'm a rover Count your coins and Throw them over my shoulder I may grow older Nobody knows How cold it grows And nobody sees How shaky my knees Nobody cares How steep my stairs And nobody smiles If I cross their stiles. Oh poor boy So sorry for himself Oh poor boy So worried for his health. You may say every day Where will he stay tonight. Never know what I came for Seems that I've forgotten Never ask what I came for Or how I was begotten. I'm a poor boy And I'm a ranger Things I say May seem stranger than Sunday Changing to Monday. Nobody knows How cold it flows And nobody feels The worn down heels Nobody's eyes Make the skies Nobody spreads Their aching heads. Oh poor boy

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