August 21, 2010

Yo I fall over and over again I dont know why is it the sins I commit again
It causes me pain to see myself stuck in this drain

I look up and I call out Your name
Oh Allah im going insane
Stuck in the game
And trying to live my life in the fast lane
But I got no one to blame
But my self I cant complain

I gotta change
Use my heart and my brain

My Lord I need You
You the One
You are Haq You are Truth
You in my heart and I gotta understand
Life int hard cause You got me in Your hands
My Lord I need You

Shower your blessings Your most beloved
And oh Allah thanks to Thee
For sending us a mercy
In the form of Nabi
Most gracious eternally
Bless your Nabi

I know Im nothing I cant explain
How can someone that dont exist have a name
I dont exist Ive noticed this
Put my hands up and accept my Lords service
Striving for eternal bliss

Forgive for all the sins I committed
For being arrogant and being big headed
Help me in this strive to break ma ego
When ever I get a bad thought I say yo its a no no
And Im like lets go go
Time to read my prayers and pray to my Lord yo

That happiness that fills my heart
Its time to pray its time to start
Shower Your Barakh nothing is ever hard

To love You like a 2 year old child loves his mother
It brings tears to my eyes as I shed another
To see You in the hearts of my sisters and brothers
I hope forever we are lovers

Oh my Lord grant me Your love
Grant me the love of the ones who love You
Grant me the actions that lead to Your love
So my heart beats Allah Hoo

To see Your Throne in the hearts of Your creation
As I sit and call out Your name in meditation
I put my hands up You give me your salvation
We all gotta recognise our Lords ovation.

Pick out Your name and use it for concentration
On my own or in congregation
As we call out Your name with admiration
Dedicate my self with full dedication

Closer than a jugular vein
My Lord I am going insane
My Lord as I call out Your name

My Lord

My Lord I need You!

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